Wenjuan Wang Biography

Dr Wenjuan Wang joined the MarRI-UK Core Team as the Programme Manager in October 2021.

After obtaining her PhD in engineering design, she was involved in several research projects in the maritime sector (EuroVIP, VIRTUE, SAFEDOR) and in renewable energy (SuperGEN). She then worked as a Programme Manager at the Advanced Forming Research Centre (a part of High Value Manufacturing Catapult, later part of National Manufacturing Institute Scotland), where she managed a number of large research programmes, together with research and installation projects in metal forming/forging.

As the MarRI-UK Programme Manager, she oversees the MarRI-UK funded projects and monitors their delivery ensuring that the funding is properly accounted for. She reports the projects status to the MarRI-UK working group, as well as DfT. In addition, she also leads and drives MarRI-UK Research and Innovation efforts, ensuring alignment with the MarRI-UK Research Agenda and Roadmap and works on engagement with potential new members.

Email: wenjuan.wang@strath.ac.uk