HEROZEC: Highly Efficient Retrofitted Zero Emissions Coaster

HEROZEC is funded by Department for Transport (DfT) through Innovate UK CMDC4. It aims to offer a modular, innovative, zero-emission solution for existing short sea shipping coasters to provide disruptive technologies for the UK and European existing short sea fleets to achieve 2030 emissions targets and beyond.

Project duration: Apr 2024 – Mar 2025

The project is led by Intrada Ships Management (ISM), and involves the following Innovative Technologies:

  • Novel GATE Rudder concept
  • Fuel-agnostic engine room design
  • Green methanol and hybrid electric propulsion
  • Modular containerised fuel storage tanks
  • Optimal green methanol production and supply chain

Project Partners

Intrada Ships Management Ltd (ISM) offers comprehensive ship management services encompassing technical,
commercial, and administrative domains. Holding full International Safety Management Certification for certification,
control, and auditing purposes, ISM is equipped to manage various facets of vessel operations. In technical
management, ISM oversees vessel inspection, construction, acquisition, and ongoing ownership, boasting a team of
two full-time Superintendents proficient in vessel aspects, repairs, damages, insurance claims, and project support.
On the commercial front, ISM facilitates crewing arrangements, flag registration, insurance placements, and
procurement of essential supplies. Additionally, ISM adeptly handles administrative responsibilities such as
budgetary control, voyage and contract analysis, and crewing logistics, showcasing its ability to ensure seamless
vessel management and operation.

In the HEROZEC project, Intrada manages the project and using their coaster fleet data for the design and analysis. They will also work on the safety assurance framework, supply chain analysis, and retrofitting strategy.

Ecomar specialises in high-performance electric and hybrid marine engines. They have successfully conducted projects to define operational parameters for electric marine motors and have powertrains in development (80kW to 1MW) with production planned to start in Q4 2023 (initially 500 units). Ecomar has received industry recognition, including the Maritime UK (Solent) Clean Marine Innovation Award 2022 and being selected by the DfT as a UK innovative SME. Their senior team, with Royal Navy and commercial boat experience, is confident in delivering projects on time and budget. They prioritize diversity and inclusion, with a focus on recruiting injured ex-military personnel, including a double gold medal winner in the Invictus Games. Ecomar operates from a 6000sq.ft. facility with in-house marine-specific workshops and IT resources.

In the HEROZEC project, Ecomar leads the power train and fuel storage system work, which involves modelling and simulation of the power train system and the fuel storage system, design of the system, and lab test of the system.

The Department of NAOME at the University of Strathclyde is a world leading academic institution dedicated in the
pursuit of research excellence to maximise its research profile and reputation in the marine community. NAOME
research activities cover a broad range in ship safety, marine structures, hydrodynamics, design and manufacturing,
marine engineering, ship management and operation.
The involved NAOME staff has extensive research experience in marine propulsion systems. NAOME members have
been leading and actively participating in EU and UK projects including ISEMMS, MOVE, iHEATs, INCASS, JOULES,
REFRESH, TARGETS, Low Carbon Shipping, AUTOSHIP, NEXUS, IN4.0 among others.

In the HEROZEC project, UoS team leads the preliminary analysis and initial design, design of the gate-rudder system, propulsion and steering system.

Hosted by the University of Strathclyde, MarRI-UK is an industry-led membership organisation that drives the global competitiveness of the UK maritime through extensive partnerships in identifying, developing, and leveraging emerging technologies. MarRI-UK unites industry and academia sectors, working closely with trade body partners and policymakers to tackle the sector’s most significant innovation and technology challenges. Including the trade body partners’ network, we proudly represent over 1,000 UK maritime organisations.

In the HEROZEC project, MarRI-UK is leading the project dissemination and exploitation.

Project updates

The project is now in it’s 2nd quarter, and the team has produced some preliminary analysis and design. We will publish project outcome when there are more advanced update.


If you would like to know more about the project, or collaboration with the project partners, please contact through: info@marri-uk.org.