Associate Membership

MarRI-UK Associate Membership is available for Research and Innovation Organisations (RIOs) in the UK.

RIO Definition

MarRI-UK’s definition of RIO follows the Government definition, i.e. “non-profit organisations that perform research and innovation support as their main activity, whose existence depends on significant degree of public funding, and whose work serves some public policy purpose.”

RIOs are focussed more on innovation at higher TRLs than Universities and provide support to industrial innovation in a number of ways:

  • Scientific support to industry knowledge bases
  • Problem solving and advice for commercial firms
  • Marketed innovation-relevant knowledge services
  • Business-relevant information ‘packages’
  • Specific product and process development
  • Creation of spin-out companies
  • User-initiated innovations


To be MarRI-UK Associate Membership, an ROI should:

  1. be a not for profit or a charitable organisation,
  2. conduct funded research in the maritime sector that is within the scope of the DfT Maritime 2050 Strategy and MarRI-UK,
  3. be a recognised centre for research and innovation in the maritime sector or an adjacent sector,
  4. have access to, or operate, infrastructure and facilities which may be applied to the maritime sector,
  5. have demonstrated the ability to work with (and for) UK industry, including established networks within the maritime sector,
  6. have a National / International Reputation, and
  7. have an established industrial and academic network.


Associate members will support the development of MarRI-UK’s research agenda. Their participation in MarRI-UK Working Group will be based on invitation.

If you have any questions regarding MarRI-UK Associate Membership, please email us at