Energy Saving Technology (EST) Asset Leasing Models

Energy Saving Technology (EST) Asset Leasing Models led by BMT

The project investigated the potential of asset leasing for accelerating the adoption of energy saving technologies in commercial shipping. Existing asset leasing arrangements from other industries were reviewed and a concept level Asset Leasing Model (ALM) was developed with input from industry stakeholders. The research outputs will ensure that potential adopters are better informed and can more easily determine if an ALM suits their business.

The project has developed the first step towards an innovative financial model for ship owners to increase the uptake of energy saving technologies in shipping and provides improved knowledge within the industry of alternative funding mechanisms to help increase the adoption of ESTs.

There are a number of risks associated with an ALM that must be adequately addressed when entering into a contract, such as EST failure, damage to the vessel by the EST, and a dispute between the lessor and the lessee. However, mitigating actions can be taken to reduce the risk probability and impact.

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