MarRI-UK Publishes Report on Smart Shipping Technology

MarRI-UK has published a report that highlights the most important drivers underpinning the development of smart shipping technologies in the UK. The report was an outcome of the research commissioned by MarRI-UK and paid for by the Department for Transport (DfT). A consortium led by London Economics, supported by NLAI and Marine South East, was selected to undertake the research. The report focuses on the UK’s strengths in smart shipping technology and provides economic and technology data to inform the DfT’s approach to supporting the smart shipping sector in the UK.

Smart shipping encompasses the automated, partly digitised equipment of today, the remote operation of equipment, and the development of autonomous maritime systems, both at sea and onshore.

The report collates industry news and market intelligence focused on four market segments: smart ports technologies; autonomous vessels technologies; on-vessel technologies; and professional services. It brings together complementary experts from the maritime and engineering world with experts in economic research and consultancy.

The report identifies areas for possible intervention as well as strategic choices that can be leveraged to achieve substantial and long-lasting benefits and key implications for the smart shipping industry. Growing markets favour firms with access to resources that enable them to scale up quickly.

John Howie MBE, Chair of MarRI-UK, said:

“MarRI-UK’s report squarely underpins the Department for Transport’s Maritime 2050 Strategy: Navigating the Future, and demonstrates the value of industry and academia collaborating to highlight the economic benefits linked to investment within the Maritime Sector. The last two years have served to reinforce the importance of maritime to the international supply chains supporting manufacturing industries across the globe. 

“MarRI-UK is well positioned to play a key role in smart shipping by improving the sharing and co-ordination of research and innovation in the maritime sector, helping to drive solutions with sector-wide benefits. 

“By working with Government, Industry and academia we can offer collaborative, forward thinking solutions that will place the UK at the forefront of smart shipping”.

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