New Programme Manager Appointed

MarRI-UK is proud to announce that Jill Rymer has joined us as a new Programme Manager as of the 1st of April 2023. Jill joins us from EnergyREV Consortium where she was Programme Manager. MarRI-UK Director, John Hudson on Jill’s Appointment: ““ I am thrilled to announce the appointment of Jill Rymer to the position of Programme Manager within MarRI-UK. Jill brings a wealth of expertise from her time in EnergyRev and I know she will be an incredible asset to the team.”

A Quick Q&A with Jill

1/ What do you think you are most looking forward to in your new role as Programme Manager at MarRI-UK?

Learning about a different industry. I have worked in the energy sector at the University for 10 years, so it is good to widen the horizon and work in a different industry, but it is one where there are common links, with the electrification of shipping, hydrogen powered ships, cybersecurity and autonomy. All relatable back to energy and net zero within the energy sector.

2/ What’s the most exciting thing (other than MarRI-UK) happening in the maritime sector?

The move towards green technology to power ships through alternative fuels, electric and hydrogen and therefore reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Also the digitalisation of ports and shipping to increase competitiveness and enhance operational efficiency. There is so much happening in the industry to take it forward very hard to pin point just a couple of areas.

3/ Who would be at your dream dinner party?

  • Steve Jobs – Apple, he had a great passion for what he was doing and was a visionary in his time bringing us the iPhone, iMac, iPod and Mac books which have revolutionised the way we use tech in everyday life.
  • Barack and Michelle Obama – Both inspirational in what they have achieved
  • My Gran and Grandad – now I am older there are so many questions I would like to have asked them when they were alive about their childhood and the 2nd world war, I really know very little about them both as people.
  • Brian Cox and Maggie Aderin-Pocock – their knowledge on the universe is unparalleled and they speak in a way I can understand what they are talking about. If I had teachers like that when I was at school I may have taken a science path instead of the one I did take.

4/ Favourite ice cream?

Very predictable, but probably chocolate of some description closely followed by a good vanilla ice cream.

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