Global Ocean Surveillance Network

Global Ocean Surveillance Network led by PicSea

Currently subsea survey, especially using autonomous survey methods, is limited by:

  • The capital and human risks involved

  • Deployment and logistical expenses

  • The extended timelines involved

These obstacles leave autonomous survey out of reach of many end-users for applications such as environmental or archaeological survey where budgets are limited, and industrial applications such as oil and gas and offshore wind where risk mitigation is crucial.

PicSea has used their experience and engineering expertise to build Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV’s) in addressing these obstacles. The Global Ocean Surveillance Network project completes the second stage in PicSea’s four-stage plan to create a globally deployed system of collaborative AUV’s. The funded project has allowed PicSea to develop a low capital risk, easily deployed platform that can quickly be mobilised and deployed. A swarm of five vehicles have been produced and demonstrated to be easily deployed, operated and retrieved by one operator.

The system offers a cost effective solution for many different industries including offshore renewables, oil and gas, telecommunication, environmental research and motoring, fishing, ports, shipping and archaeology.

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Global Ocean Final Report


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