Cygnus Atratus Joins MarRI-UK

Cygnus Atratus Joins MarRI-UK

MarRI-UK is proud to announce that Cygnus Atratus has become our fifth Associate Member.

Cygnus Atratus is a Not for Profit organisation which specialises in fuel cells and aims to support the establishment of regional SME fuel cell manufacture.

Nicholas Abson, Founder of Cygnus Atratus, introducing his organisation said “Cygnus Atratus is a IP holder and developer in the fuel cell and hydrogen production space. Currently it is working with partners in producing a metre square electrode fuel cell system for Maritime applications. As an Associate Member of MaRI UK, we are listening to members, offering our views on strategies, and contributing to technology solutions. As a practical developer, we are open to collaboration with the Maritime industry and supporting development of zero emission energy systems to meet IMO decarbonisation ambitions.”

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