Successful Demonstration of Autonomous Containerised Hydrogen Transport

As part of MarRI-UK’s Hydrogen Highway project, which is led by the Port of London Authority, the University of Strathclyde successfully completed a test demonstration of automous containerised hydrogen transport on the 20th of March 2024. The demonstration showcased the feasibility of using hydrogen-fuelled container ships to transport containerised hydrogen between offshore platforms and ports.

Following the successful demonstration of the Autonomous Network Transport at Sea (ANTS) ship it’s clear that autonomous berthing offers a viable solution for offshore hydrogen transport, and will be an important element of the maritime hydrogen highway.

Autonomous ANTS ship operations promise enhanced efficiency for offshore transportation, contributing to the UK’s competitiveness in the global maritime market while promoting clean fuels and smart technology adoption in offshore hydrogen platform networks.

To find out more about the Hydrogen Highway project click here.

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