The University of Exeter becomes latest MarRI-UK member

The University of Exeter join MarRI-UK as a Tier 1 University Member to help steer the MarRI-UK research agenda and direction.

The University of Exeter established the Centre for Future Clean Mobility in 2021 to drive innovation in clean powertrains for various sectors including that of the Maritime Sector. The Centre is at the forefront of global research into clean maritime propulsion solutions and has been working with industry to design and fabricate a zero-emission powertrain demonstrator, funded through the CMDC (Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition).

The Centre has a new dynamometer lab which is dedicated to test and assembly of full-scale model maritime powertrains.

Their achievements in the Maritime sector include:

  • Worlds first hybrid fuel cell/battery 300kW powertrain for work boat
  • First in class full design for 1MW workboat clean powertrain
  • First fully electric domestic ferry

The team at the Centre for Future Clean Mobility will bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge to MarRI-UK and will contribute to the wide ranging research to accelerate technological innovation in the maritime sector.

Professor Christopher Smith, Director of Exeter’s Centre for Future Clean Mobility said “As Director of Centre for Future Clean Mobility at University of Exeter, we are delighted to become members of this strategic Maritime Network and look forward to collaborating with other members in MaRI-UK to enhance the UK’s research and development capabilities in Clean propulsion facing Maritime”

Fully electric domestic passenger vessel

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